My Guide To Wear Red Lips And Look Minimal

Want to wear red lipstick in a minimal way? Find here the best Guide To Wear Red Lips And Look Minimal in 2019.

CHAO ADIOS to the tan shade makeup and welcome the shimmery shades with bright lipsticks that will stand out more with your layered outfit. Personally, I love being creative with tan shades but this time I tried something off track. SHIMMERY MAKEUP. Yes, shimmer can be your makeup statement this winter which will help you to make a great impression on the people out there!

Guide To Wear Red Lips And Look Minimal


Eyes– Starting off with a natural base. I applied primer to make a plain texture. Also used the concealer to make the eye area look evener. After that, I applied a little bit of tan shade over the crease of the eyes to give it more depth. Now here comes the main part, where I applied shimmer shade over my eyelids in a way that It looked like a downwards wing. I didn’t use eyeliner, instead I applied more of the mascara.
Eyebrows– I kept the eyebrows all natural and gave it a uni stroke of mascara because I feel if you do your eyebrows properly, somewhere it gives a lot of punch.
Lips– I covered my lips with a light layer of foundation. Over that, I applied the lipstick. This helps in case you have pigmented lips. ( Covering the lips with a layer of foundation/ lip primer makes your red lipstick look the way that it is supposed to look!
Hair – I don’t do anything with my hair, whenever I do any statement makeup look. So I preferred to look not put together with my hair I feel that it makes me look very casual!

Get yourself ready with all the shimmer ladies! And don’t forget to tell me in the comment, What’s your Your Guide To Wear Red Lips And Look Minimal ?

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