All About Wardrobe Essentials: What To Buy ?

All About Wardrobe essentials- BASICS

Know What To Buy and All About The Wardrobe Essentials ? Below are the essentials you must have in your wardrobe to look stylish without spending a lot of money every month on different fashionable clothes.


Who likes to repeat one look at different occasions and events these days? Maybe nobody! Everyone wants to try different outfits and that is great! I mean you should know how to play with the pieces you have. When it comes to clothing I always end up buying basics. Not only it saves my money but also it works as a blank canvas for me, over which I design or draw something using my accessories in my own style! I wear basics to some parties as well. It needs the right styling and it includes the decision of what to carry with and how? So, the primary thing you need to invest in is basics! Rather than investing in some readymade art. Go get yourself a blank canvas!

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All About Wardrobe essentials- ACCESSORIES


Then comes the part where you need to decide how to draw over that canvas, the part when you need to decide how to add statements, highlights and an edge to the basic outfit. So that the basics don’t look sober anymore! Choose at least two of the accessories, whether it be jewelry, scarf, muffler, hair/head accessory, sunglass or handbag. If you are getting ready for an outdoor event, carry sunglasses. If it’s winter time, wear head accessories like caps and beanies, you can wear neck scarves. That keeps your outfit simple but not simple at the same time.

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All About Wardrobe essentials- black footwear


What’s the pocket-friendly footwear? From tees to evening dresses! From nudes to vibrant colours! From matte to vinyl! The major staple that works as a savior whenever you are in doubt is a black footwear. A lot of people don’t like to spend too much on footwear. Well, that’s absolutely fine even if you are not a footwear lover. In that case don’t spend, better invest! I personally love to invest in black footwear. Whenever I decide to buy my first footwear in a new type. I make sure that I would invest not just spend. I always go with the black one!

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Listed a few of my current favourite colour trends here.


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