2020 Hat Trends : 6 Winter Hats You Need

2020 hat trends

Find and shop the next big thing as you can see them in almost every where 2020 hat trends. These hats can give a chill and carefree vibe to your outfit.

Bucket Hat

2020 hat trends

Bucket hats have made their comeback stronger than ever. From trendy influencers to hype beasts, everyone wants to add this particular type of hat in their collection. Bucket hats can give a chill and carefree vibe to your outfit. You can get these bucket hats in denim, straw and even in transparent PVC design as well.


If you’re an “Indiana Jones” fan then you must be familiar with the fedora hats. These are one of the world’s most popular hat styles. You can find fedora hats in two different styles, either with a tear-drop shaped crown with a pinch or round with no pinch. Fedora hats are available in tropical prints but If you’re looking for a classic color choice, though, opt for brown, black or grey.

Fuzzy Hats

Fuzzy hats are for the ones who like to have a swoop of boldness in their outfit. These hats can offer you a ton of different designs to choose from, Military green and animal print being the most popular ones. Fuzzy hats will suit you more if you have a longer face as it covers most of your forehead and it will give you a proportionate look.  It is impossible to wear a fuzzy hat and not be the center of attraction.


2020 hat trends

Berets are the next big thing as you can see them in almost every major fashion store. French beret is the perfect accessory that will go with almost any type of outfit. These hats can complement any face shapes, depending on the way of styling the hat. Green or a black beret can never go wrong and it will definitely make you look classy and stylish.

Newsboy hat

2020 hat trends

Many celebrities can be seen wearing a newsboy hat as it is really comfortable. Both men and women can style a newsboy hat with their casual look or even with their formal look. This hat comes with an old school vibe and you’ll find yourself wearing it more often than just wearing it on special days.


A Beanie is not much appreciated In the fashion industry as it is more of a head warmer than a style statement. But you can still rock your look with a beanie if you know how to style them correctly. Try to wear a tight-fitting beanie if you have a long face to avoid adding extra length to your head. If you have a comparatively small face then you can go for loose-fitting beanie without a turn back cuff. 

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